Towards a « Latino Spring »?

Anxiety is growing in Latin America – the United States and the United Kingdom are preparing a « Spring » for them on the model of the « Arab Springs ». Of course, this time, it will not be a case of spreading war and dividing the populations along religious lines – Latino citizens are practically all Christians – but by using elements of their local identities. The objective will, however, be the same – not to replace the governments with other governments, but to destroy the States in order to eradicate any possibility of resistance to imperialism.

Marti’s warning at the 1891 International Monetary Conference

José Martí was the Uruguay representative at the International Monetary Conference that took place under the auspices of the US government from 7 January to 8 April 1891 in Washington. The overriding objective of this conference was to set up a Union of Latin American Nations under US control and to guarantee the superiority of the US economy and trade, and thus, US’s political supremacy.