China spying on Africa?

Recently a mouthpiece for the decrepit, collaborating monarchy of Morocco re-published an article which originally was written by a French newspaper Le Monde Afrique.


Yes, France & the old world order of Economic Imperialism is becoming more irrelevant by the day & in the words of Jacques Chirac will descend into the rank of a (third) power.

The alternative is laid bare for all to see. China with its inclusive policy of “Win-Win” is slowly but surely extending its influence and reach across the continent.

& it shows too. With cheaper contracts for better product only well paid fools in power would turn down a Chinese development deal.

Well paid fools and cowardly leaders that is. Take the case of Lauren Gbagbo (currently incarcerated) who had the gall to renegotiate awful French contracts. The old adage is true organised crime really is the Government.

The Chinese model of development offers an clear alternative to the years of stagnation and vastly over priced infrastructure deals from Europe & America. Taken alongside a Sankarian approach to debt will enable Africa to leapfrog from pre industrial to post industrial without going through the growing pains of the industrial revolution and the disparity that is its corollary.

Africa in the new century will be the subject of my next post but until then let us explore the status quo in regard to computer software.


Truth is & what this article very deviously omits is the default software around the world. At LEAST since 1999 there has been backdoors for the “Five Eyes” to conduct massive surveillance on an unprecedented scale. MICROSOFT SOFTWARE IS MALWARE.

But of course none of that matters to a mouthpiece of the empire. *patois accent* But black man can’t fool again.

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