Cui Bono

Now we are witnessing every military power in the middle east descend into turmoil and civil war. Their power having been predicated upon the deception of Arab nationalism and a rewritten Islam which always results in humiliation (for it always raises the qualities of intense greed, selfish myopia, idealism and stupidity).

This was always inevitable for Arab nationalism merely localised the phenomenon of the modern state, which is a temple for the implementation of The Debt Religion (download and read this series of articles), allowing the institutionalisation of usurious financial technique, turning whole nations into debtor prisons based upon debt contracted in fictitious usurious tokens of wealth.

The nation reduced Islam to a religion – based upon the worshipping social clubs of decadent Rome – (for Islam never was a religion but a governing din – complete encompassing way of life). By state technique employing Arab nationalism, it unleashed a linguistic racism upon the peoples within the national debt containers. The Arabs would turn upon the Kurds, the Berbers and their minorities, with a treacherous barbarity as the imbecilic logic of Arab nationalism enacted its tragic predetermination. This Arab stupidity would become a simmering incubator for the future civil conflicts. Whilst their Islamic Reformation produced an ‘Islamised’ Bourgeois, the necessary malformed organism for the successful operation of the modern state. Successively Arab nationalism and ‘Islamic’ modernism unleashed disaster upon their peoples. The Sorbonne educated bourgeois Michel Aflaq, Egyptian Abduh and Iranian Afghani had intermingled to produce a cocktail of utter humiliation, a spectrum of varying hues, stretching from the Ikhwan to the CIA and ISI developed Al Qaeeda; but alway imbued with a tragic imbecility making them easy prey to the usurious commodity and banking elite. The Arab nationalists and ‘Islamic’ modernists would produce their gift to the world an ‘Islamic’ Banking built upon a Shi’i Islamic economics. This nonsense would spread like wild fire throughout the muslim world, Arab and non-Arab.

They are now utterly unable to resist the destabilising onslaught and the political machinations of Arab leaders further entrenches the region in disaster.

In the words of Lucius Cassius, ‘Cui bono!’. Yes! To whose benefit?


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