The REAL story behind the Greek Crisis: how we are kept in Odious Debt, Deficit, Crisis and Austerity


Global Political Analysis

– a stubborn deadlock that keeps the 99% in planned poverty –

In extant financial-economic system Banks keep “bailing out” Governments and Governments keep “bailing out” Banks, and in both cases the 99% of us – the Taxpayers – have to pay £ / € / $ trillions. Meanwhile the elites of each country, the “top 1%”, are getting richer by actually grabbing these £ / € / $ trillions.

This blog-post – specifically updated and offered as a starting point of investigation to seek legal remedies and Debt-relief for the long-suffering Greek people [9] –  explains the REAL reason behind the global phenomenon of Public Debts, Crisis and Austerity.

Loaned Money is just IOU, Debt is a phantom, Austerity is planned poverty

At the very core of the global Crisis and Debt-trap, we find a series of fictitious transactions – Government- bonds and Bank-bailouts – that result in the…

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