The Aryans were NOT a Blonde, Blue-Eyed Master Race

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Aryans were Asian Steppe Nomads, not Nordic Warriors

“Far from being blonde-haired, blue-eyed, fair-skinned and homogenous, the “Aryans” were a dark-skinned nomadic Eurasian tribe who spread from Central Europe and Central Asia into Southern Asia, interbreeding with a variety of other peoples. Our knowledge of these “Aryans” is sketchy, and there’s still a lot to be determined about them, both through anthropological and archaeological research. But we can be quite sure that they bore no direct relation to the modern inhabitants of Germany and Scandinavia. And certainly they were no master race.” [1]

Modern Aryan (Brokpa) Modern Aryan (Brokpa)

“The Aryan/Indo “European”* only describes South Eastern “Europeans”, Persians, and people into the Northern part of India. They had a population expansion starting about 10,000 years ago, which spread the Indo-“European” languages all over. They only made up a minority of the ancestry in populations North of central [West Asia] “Europe”. Europeans do…

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