Muslim Use of the Swastika

knowledge of self

Asiatic Muslims have been using swastikas in calligraphy and architecture for a long time. But is this Islamic?

First of all, the swastika is not anti-Semitic. If all you (think you) know about the swastika is that it was used by National Socialist (“Nazi”) Germany, then be aware of two facts:

  1. The swastika has been used around the world, even Sub-Saharan Africa(!) for thousands of years:
  2. Arabs and Ethiopians (among others) are Semites. They USE the swastika, so it can’t be anti-Semitic:

Ethiopian Orthodox Church Ethiopian Orthodox Church

If that’s not enough to convince you read more about swastika use in Africa here:  Afrikan Swastikas – Knowledge of Self.

Now let’s take a virtual tour the Muslim world, past and present…

Makkah (Mecca)

Makka is Islam’s holiest city.  It is where the Qur-an was revealed.  It houses Masjid al-Haram (The Sacred Place of Prostration) the direction to which all Muslims…

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