e-Con 101


  • From 1776 To 1913
  • America was a busilyexpanding
  • Industrial scene
  • As less ships were landing
  • Than went asea
  • The average American was busy
  • As a bee
  • So you could work hard
  • Then relax
  • Sunday was best, praise the Lord
  • No Income Tax
  • Form 1776 to 1913
  • You made what you owned
  • By your own means
  • Fewmega corporations
  • America was a small business nation
  • Every Familywas a small merchant or farmer
  • Fast forward to Clinton-Bush-Obama
  • Our e-Con, no longer a period
  • But a vacant comma
  • The formula
  • You got paid here
  • You bought
  • What was made here
  • So the wealth, money, jobs
  • Staid here
  • High tariffs
  • No income tax
  • You could vacation and relax
  • American shoes were the two step
  • Be-bop and Charleston dance
  • The rich tangoed and ballet’d
  • With shoes from Italy and France
  • You bought what was made here
  • Not what was brought here
  • Wealth was…

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