Arguments against Immigration in England


knowledge of self

…as in there aren’t any.

The following is a response to: “An Interesting Exchange of Views on Immigration” from Aryan Myth and Metahistory.

My friend, anyone Germanic in England is most assuredly an immigrant whether recent or ancient, in the sense of not being native. The native British Islanders were NOT Germanic. And I don’t think you want to take the UN’s word for one thing (the definition of indigenous), while rejecting it for another (its stance on multiculturalism, diversity, asylum and immigration). So indigenous means original people, and for England, that is not Germanic. Here is the evidence.

-“Speculation has run somewhat wild over the question of the composition of the Early Britons. But out of the clash of rival theories there emerges one–and one only–which may be considered as scientifically established. We have certain proof of two distinct human stocks in the British Islands at the time of…

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