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On the 25th March 2007 Tony Blair, given power by less than one fifth of the electorate, signed the “Declaration of Berlin” document.

This declaration commits all nations to sign the sixth and final EU treaty. This bypasses a vote of the people – the other five treaties were signed by the Queen without the consent of the people.

The abolition of The United Kingdom

by the European Union is, therefore, set for May 2009.

In 1998, a court case prosecuting Tony Blair, the Queen and 3 former Prime Ministers, under the Treason Acts, was coming to a conclusion. The charge was that as they had illegally signed 4 treaties abolishing our nation, they were guilty of treason and faced life imprisonment.

Shortly before the final hearing, the laws of treason were repealed under the Crime and Disorder Act section 36.3 and the case was dismissed.  In 2002 the Queen signed a fifth treaty.

The sixth and final one, meaning the abolition of Britain, is scheduled for May 2009.

This final treaty will adopt the EU Constitution. German Chancellor Angela Merkel wants this signed before the European elections in June 2009.

The EU Constitution will abolish the nations of Britain, England, our 48 counties, our monarchy, common law, and the political parties (clause I-46-4). We will then be incarcerated within the European Union, a dictatorship with the laws of a police state. The 111,000 EU regulations will then turn Britain, now the fifth largest economy in the world, into a Corporate/State ie fascist command economy, bringing massive tax increases, unemployment and poverty .

Our gold and currency reserves will be physically transferred to the new European central bank. Financial control, previously used by our elected representatives to adjust the economy in accordance with the needs and wishes of the British electorate, will be in the hands of central bankers and, eventually, of the central authority of the EU. This control will include the level of interest rates, taxes and of borrowing , The rules of the EU will prevent member states from even requesting that the central bank consider submissions from them regarding fiscal policy.

In effect the constitutional result of the English Civil War would have been reversed. The power to raise taxes would have passed from Parliament to the executive : an executive based in a foreign country.

We will have one army, fighting in Europe’s cause, even if this was not in the interests of their own nation : one police force, which would cover the entire area of the EU.

The totally unpunished execution – one of 30 police killings – of Jean Charles de Menezes was down to the EU replacing our Habeas Corpus with their Corpus Juris.

We will have one remote government, with our parliament being reduced to the level of a district council.

Our vote will move from almost  meaningless to completely meaningless.

MEPs : have no right to initiate legislation, merely to confirm that placed before them by the bureaucrats of the European Commission : the MEPs are elected on party lists : in most cases, in the hands of party hacks : the MEPs allowed only a strictly limited time to speak in the European Parliament, often as little as ninety seconds, before the microphone is switched off : they are supposed to represent constituencies of almost one million voters.

Our domination by the EC Commissioners has resulted in disastrous effects on our health, postal, and transport systems.

The EU Food Supplements Directive will make many widely used medicines, including some 300 vitamins and mineral supplements, illegal from 2009.

Under this legislation, each vitamin and mineral will be subject to an unnecessary, unscientific and highly expensive testing programme to justify its place on an ‘approved list’ Most small producers will not be able to afford to comply .The EU has produce a limited list of permitted nutrients and anything not on the list will be banned, even if they have been safely sold and used in the UK for many years.  The major beneficiaries of this regulatory nightmare will be the multi-national drug companies, which can afford the testing requirements.

The losers will be the small health food suppliers who won’t be able to afford to submit their products to rigorous testing and the consumer.

The unelected EC bureaucrats have now decided to subject around 30,000 chemicals, already in use for over 25 years, to cruel and totally unscientific  “safety tests” on 10 million animals : in the REACH programme.

ONE OF THESE SUBSTANCES IS BERGAMOT, used for 200 years to flavour Earl Grey tea. The producers say they cannot afford the huge costs and will change their crops and, possibly, switch  to synthetic flavouring.


EU Directive 97/67/EC is responsible for the trashing of the previously profitable, efficient and much-admired Royal Mail, resulting in the threatened closure of 2,500 post offices, the proposal to add VAT to services and the creaming off to foreign firms, of lucrative services, the profits from which enable the PO to deliver a letter from Plymouth to Aberdeen for 23 pence,

EU Directive 91/440EC is the basis of the disastrous rail privatisation programme and the chaotic farce, including rail crashes, which followed the breaking up of the rail operations and infrastructure.

Then we have the Common Agricultural Policy.

This costs the average family an extra �1,100-plus each year . It has also resulted in a food mountain that exceeds 12 million tons and a wine lake of over 75 million gallons.

EU membership will cost Britain �100,000 every minute in 2007 : the Bruges Group says UK tax payers will effectively pay out  � 52.4 billion.

Saving this could allow us the abolition of  inheritance , capital gains  and council tax.

E U auditors have identified fraud and corruption costing tax-payers �6 billion per year and have refused to sign off the EU books for the last 12 years.

WHAT CAN BE DONE to avoid sleep-walking into the E U police state.

We MUST leave the European Union before it is too late and we are permanently trapped,  impoverished  and powerless.

Leaving the European Union would be a relatively simple affair : repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and give notice to the EU, under the Vienna Convention on Treaties.

Go to see your MP and let them know that you know what is at stake : that inaction by them on the fundamental duty of Parliament – The Defence of the Realm, will be totally unacceptable.

REMEMBER the word England has long disappeared from the EU’s Regional Brochures: The East Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, London etc. are  “Regions of The European Union.”


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