Council Tax & Regional Assemblies

Council Tax and the Regional Assemblies are not only Illegal but they are completely Invalid. Why? Because they are against our Constitutional Laws.

EU Laws are not valid in this country, so any Law that requires you to make any form of payment towards it are unlawful under True British Constitutional Law.

Just the fact that part of your Council Tax money goes towards a CBPS for the councillors and you are unaware of this, is fraud.

Any Court of Law that fines, imprisons or passes any judgement over someone who has not paid Council Tax is in breach of Constitutional Law. The judiciary magistrate is in breach of their Oath of Allegiance and is acting fraudulently and unlawfully. Above all they are acting outside their Judicial powers of this country, they have no power to try someone over Council Tax issues.

Think about this scenario for a while:

If you pay into a scheme of insurance, endowment or whatever scheme it may be and it comes to light that this scheme is a complete farce and is being run fraudulently. It also comes to light that one third of the money paid in still exists within the scheme and has been invested so it makes even more money, then the people paying in, under Law, should receive there money back.

So with this in mind if you have made payments into an unlawful, corrupt, fraudulent Council Tax system, completely unaware of what your money has gone to, being lied to about the true use of your money for many years, surely you are entitled to all that money back. Now two thirds of that money unfortunately has been spent on either  Asylum Seekers or removed to a foreign power. But one third still exists and is making a  profit from all the interest it is accumulating. So surely under Law everyone paying in should receive all their money back with interest.

This is only a thought but I wonder what your local Council would have to say if you approached them with this suggestion.

Our entry into the EU isINVALID.

All the Treaties signed areINVALID.

Regional Assembly’s areINVALID.

Council Tax is INVALID.

If the Government actually admitted the truth concerning what Council Tax money really goes too, they would be admitting to:


So because of these reasons they never will admit to it. But as we said in the previous part of this article there are councillors who are willing to give us information regarding the corruption they find within the establishment.

As an ex Council tax payer myself I would be fully prepared to pay a fair amount of money if the money being paid was used on the services they say it is.

Why don’t you ask your council three simple questions based upon these subjects:

(1)Pentions and your payments.

(2)Asylum Seekers and your payments.

(3)Regional Assembly’s and your payments.

It will be very interesting to see their responses.

This article is dedicated to:

John Kelly, The Old Ladies of Devon, Elizabeth Beckit and everyone else who has stood up against this corrupt Tax.

We would very much like to extend this list, so if you know of anyone who is making a stand, then please tell us, so they too can be recognised for having the conviction for standing up for their rights.    


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