The Houthis on Sanaa’s doorstep

Ansaru Allah (“helpers of God”), the Yemeni Zaydi organization (a branch of Shia Islam) continues to gain ground. It took the city Amrane, about fifty miles from Sanaa, the capital of Yemen.

The “Houthis” (taken from the name of their leaders) are thereby expanding their administrative area while the peace agreement provides for the creation of a federal state of six regions.

The President of the Republic, Field Marshal Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, has called for the departure of foreign fighters from Amrane and for the turn-in of the 310th Army Brigade weapons that were seized by the Houthis.

The Ansaru Allah (pro-Iranian) offensive may come in retaliation for the move by the Islamic Emirate (pro-Saudi) in Iraq.

Source : “The Houthis on Sanaa’s doorstep”, Voltaire Network, 11 July 2014,


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