Here’s how you are being profoundly manipulated by political parlor tricks and media sleight of hand

By Mike Adams | Natural News

If you just got paid recently, you probably noticed your taxes went UP and your take-home pay went DOWN. Yes, this is true even if you voted for Obama, the very man who promised nobody’s taxes would go up if he were elected President.

This is the equivalent of a sleight-of-hand magician apparently placing a coin in your hand, but when you open your fist, there’s no coin there at all.

You’ve just been conned by a master manipulator.

You probably also noticed that your health insurance rates have skyrocketed in the last few months. Rates are rising by double digits. Obama, of course, promised that health insurance would be made more “affordable” by his Obamacare legislation. It was even named the “Affordable Care Act.” Yet, in reality, it has made health insurance LESS affordable, which was the plan from day one since the plan was written by health insurance companies and Big Pharma.

You just got conned yet again.

You may have also noticed that the TSA was created by the George Bush administration in order to protect American from Osama Bin Laden, we were told. Everybody was screaming for the government to “do something!” in response to the staged 9/11 attacks. Well, Obama says he killed Bin Laden last year, and guess what? The TSA is still here, reaching down your pants to look for terrorists even though the supposed leader of those terrorists is already dead.

Yep, you’ve been conned again.

Parlor tricks, sleight of mind and hypnosis

Listening to Obama speak is a lot like attending a seance session: It’s full of parlor tricks like tables appearing to float off the floor and weird ghostly noises or thumping sounds, always carried out under low light conditions to avoid actual scrutiny. It’s all very dramatic and emotional, but it’s all pure theater. Behind the curtain, everything being said by Obama (and Bush before him) is just part of a system of manipulation designed to convince people they are not being enslaved even while the chains of total control are being silently clasped around their wrists.

This is how well-meaning people get suckered into supporting tyranny. They believe in the parlor tricks of slick-talking politicians. Obama is the master of seance channeler of modern-day politics. He makes you want to believe him. He sounds credible and caring.

But these are just skills of deception in much the same way that a stage magician makes you to believe he’s actually sawing a woman in half on stage. It seems real, it seems credible and powerful. But it’s all mirrors and disatraction. It’s all engineered deception that preys upon the little games your perceptions and cognitive shortcuts play with your consciousness.

For example, did you notice the so-called “fiscal cliff” negotiations resulted in absolutely no real reduction in government spending or government debt? The debt continues to rise every minute, yet the Republicans and Democrats staged a completely fabricated late-night “solution” to make it appear that they were working hard to avoid the fiscal cliff.

The entire thing was pure theater, carried out solely for the television-watching, brain-numbed public as a form of political distraction. “Here, keep watching this over here so that you don’t see what I’m doing over there…”

What we’re living under today is actually a system of magicians -ocracy. Or what I callMageocrac


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