American Corporate Hoards to Invade Burma (Myanmar) Soon

by kothadja

With the United States, Burma faces a losing battle for its struggles with human rights abuses and an end to ethnic and societal strife. Anyone who thinks that the recent show of support and encouragement given to Aung San Suu Kyi and President Thein Sein by the United States will transfer into high-minded democratic action and relief for Burma hasn’t a clue about what the intentions of U.S. backed corporations really are.

First, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce met Burma’s leaders. It’s a right-wing organization that finances and supports political candidates in the United States like the Christian extremists Rick Perry, George W. Bush, Tom Delay, and the litany of hundreds whom all have proven to be personally and professionally corrupt, voted against social issues in the United States that benefit workers, civil rights, protective environmental policies and for deregulations of all industries in order for them to maximize profit over the common good of the people of the United States. Why then, was Aung San Suu Kyi so willing to meet the leaders of anti-democracy movements whose companies work closely with dictatorships and subvert the very principles she has lived for? Read this article for an inside look.

The U.S. Embassy in Rangoon is now fully staffed with fresh new faces of young and eager career-track Foreign Service workers whose jobs are to collectively pave the way for U.S. corporations entering Burma. USAID will be tossing millions of dollars around on “civil society” projects. Undoubtedly, some of that money will be funneled down to grassroots levels and will have some positive affect on Burma’s impoverished people. But not all if it, not most if it, will reach the truly needy. Much of the USAID money will go towards study-abroad organizations and programs that selects a fine assortment of Burma’s young an studious people who will be molded by western ideas and generosity while studying in western countries, who will be expected to become tomorrows leaders and not stand in the way of what’s ahead for Burma’s free-fall into the bowels of the IMF, World Bank and western free market corporate cronyism.

Those foreign service workers are all fresh faced underwear wedged up the crack of the butt kind, short haircuts, and mainly dumb and protective Yes- men, and girls, who follow orders and tow the company line. They hail from the best universities, especially Columbia, and make great salaries and benefits, and all will at some point retire with massive amounts of money doled out to them each month by the U.S. taxpayers. Whose side are they on?

They are extensions of the anti-Democratic lobbying groups like the U.S. Chamber of Commerce who support deregulation, massive subsidies to U.S. corporations (the oil industry currently receives about $11 Billion a year for “research and development”), low wages, tax cuts for corporations and the wealthy, slashes to New Deal era programs that benefit the elderly, poor, disabled and the environment. The U.S. Camber of Commerce is the antithesis and enemy to the sound humanistic and democratic principles that Aung San Suu Kyi promotes.

It was mentioned that within three or four months U.S. business will arrive in Burma like a tsunami and flood the nation with propaganda and plunder its resources, pay-off individuals who support them, and add a new dimension to the kind of corruption and cronyism that Burma is accustomed to. In other words, the former government run by corrupt military people favoring their cronies and allies will be like child’s play compared to what’s coming. As Hillary Clinton pleaded long ago for corporations to “invest responsibly” after Obama lifted investment sanctions, they will do so. Only, they are responsible to themselves. They will not and do not care about a single hair on your grandmother’s head about Democracy and Human Rights.

Unfortunately, the United States wishes to tweak and poke at China from all angles. If the U.S. sets up shop in Burma, as it seems they will, then they will do all in their power to keep China from allying strong trade with India, and the outrageous war against Muslims and Islam that the U.S. has been fighting for Israel, as Israel methodically and mechanically ethnically cleanses all of Palestinians from Palestine, could easily filter down through South Asia if the American neo-con warmongers attack Iran. That could easily happen if Mitt Romney is elected president.

If Burmese really want to understand what’s going to happen in Burma under the thumb of U.S. corporations then they need to start reading websites like and read more of Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky than Francis Fukiyama and Henry Kissinger. By the way, Henry Kissinger is an internationally known war criminal.

This is yet another of many precarious times in history for Burma, what with the coming invasion of the American corporate hoards. Unfortunately, Aung San Suu Kyi and the 88 Generation Leaders will have a very different and circuitous and evil demon to slay. American Corporate Greed. The results are not going to be pretty nor will they be what anyone could have imagined if the U.S. Corporations have their way in Burma.



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