Eritrea: Inhabitants of Amelait Administrative Area Carrying Out Extensive Afforestation Activities

Kerkebet — The inhabitants of Amelait Administrative area, Kerkebet sub-zone, are engaged in extensive afforestation activities. Mr. Mohammed Ali Yasin, Area Administrator, explained that a total of 30,000 tree seedlings have been planted through the mobilization of 100-strong manpower on daily basis.

Among the inhabitants, Ms. Fatina Mohammed Adem, Ms. Amna Hamd Seid said that the inhabitants are demonstrating active participation in the popular undertaking.

Mr. Amharai Osman, coordinator of the community venture, indicated that it is aimed at bringing about favorable climatic change in the area which is rather known for its windy meteorological conditions. He further elucidated that the planted seedlings are tolerant to the area’s climatic characteristics, and that 80% have already flourished.


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