Fabre D’Olivet (1767-1825)


“The black race, that i will call the SUDAN race, because of it’s equatorial origin, unlike the Borean white race, settled in Africa where it achieved mighty kingdoms. IT OWNED ARABIA and the southern coast of Asia. An infinity of monuments still bear their African features till nowadays in all these regions and give evidences of the greatness of the people they belonged to. The huge constructions of Mahabalipuram, the caves of Ellora, the temples of Ishtakar, the ramparts of the caucasus,the pyramids of Memphis, and other works that the amazed imagination attributes to giants …. this mighty SUDAN race, very wide-spread in Africa and south Asia at that time, didn’t know much about the northern regions of the world and had just a vague idea of Europe…. The white men perceived for the first time, at the light of their burning forests, men with a color different from their. But this difference is not the only thing that marked them. These men, wearing extraordinary clothes, radiant shells, perfectly handling terrific weapons which were unknown in these regions… They had a numerous cavalry, they fought on tanks, on formidable towers which moved as giants, throwing death from everywhere. The first reaction was bewilderment. Some white women where not difficult to seduce. They were too unfortunate in their own homeland. Back in their homes, they showed the jewels and the presents they received. No more needed to turn the head of the others. A large number of them fled at night, to join the newcomers. Their fathers and husbands, angry, took their weak weapons to get their daughters and wives back. They were expected. The outcome of the fight was not doubtful. Many were killed, a larger number became prisoners and the rest fled away”…


Fabre D’Olivet was a french historian and writer.


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