UN Sanctions Military Intervention in Mali

”France will provide logistical, political and material support for UN-backed African military intervention in Mali, President Francois Hollande promised yesterday.
France is pushing for a UN Security Council resolution which will authorize west African countries to establish a force capable of reclaiming control of northern Mali from rebels.
Hollande’s strong statement of support for the creation of such a force was made following talks here with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who said he shared the French government’s concern over the growing influence of Islamists in huge parts of north Africa.
French officials have repeatedly expressed concern that northern Mali is in danger of becoming a new Afghanistan, a breeding ground for militancy that could pose a threat to the security of western Europe.
Diplomats have cautioned that there are still major practical obstacles to overcome, including the composition, financing and military capacity of what is expected to be a force of around 3,000 troops.
“For the intervention, it is up to Africans to organize themselves to ensure it happens quickly and effectively,” Hollande said. “The goal is to eradicate terrorism”. In a resolution passed Thursday, the U.N. Security Council did not authorize a military intervention, but said it is willing to review such a proposal and called on sanctions to restore peace.”

What we are witnessing is a oligarchical minority selling their own country out to the whims of the old colonialist powers.

Since when did France care for her former colonies? Since Ivory Coast was about to take its currency of the franc domination? Since Mali was about to have a democratic election in which an opponent to western hegemony was on the cusp of winning?

And since when is it the UN can sanction or even look at the possibility of military intervention of a sovereign nation without due course? The answer being Mali is not sovereign and unfortunately does not stand alone in not being sovereign. Just because a few so-called leaders call for outside interference it does not mean anything. This is a step up from ‘rebels’ calling for outside interference but then again with the general at the middle of this fiasco educated in the states and many western military camps it comes as little wonder. Where is the referendum where is the national dialogue, where are the instruments of democracy?

Or is it that when it comes to ‘Islamists’ due course is thrown out of the window…

The crimes committed in the north of the country are abominable to the say the least. B.U.T let us not kid ourselves and say this is a ‘humanitarian’ issue. We hear what is occurring in Myanmar to this day. We hear what is occurring in Palestine to this day, some of us even hear what is occurring to the Uighur Muslims in China and not an eyelid is batted.

No, it is only when selfish interests are at stake that the banner of ‘humanitarianism’ is raised. To add insult to injury the plight of he Tuareg and their landless people has taken a complete backseat in this whole issue. France caring about the territorial integrity of Mali? So that they can extract every penny within its borders now that sounds like a REAL peace in an age of doublespeak.





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