The Life Of Roger Garaudy

”Born to Catholic and atheist parents in Marseille, Garaudy converted at age 14 and became a Protestant. During World War II, Garaudy joined the French Resistance, for which he was imprisoned in Djelfa, Algeria, as a prisoner of war of Vichy France. Following the war, Garaudy joined the French Communist Party. As a political candidate he succeeded in being elected to the National Assembly and eventually rose to the position of deputy speaker, and later senator. He became a leading party theoretician for the party and authored scores of scholarly works.

Garaudy remained a Christian and eventually re-converted to Catholicism during his political career. He was befriended by one of France’s most prominent clerics of the time, the Abbé Pierre, who in later years supported Garaudy, even regarding the latter’s most controversial views.

In 1970, Garaudy was expelled from the Communist Party following his outspoken criticism of the 1968 Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia.

Garaudy converted to Islam in 1982, later writing that “The Christ of Paul is not the Jesus of the Bible,” and also forming other critical scholarly conclusions regarding the Old and New Testaments.”

A man who wrote over 50 books and added untold insight to western academia is reduced to the level of….

Who was this man? ”The answer can be summed up in two words: Holocaust denier.   There’s more to say about him, but his extraordinary reputation in the Muslim world has its roots in one simple fact: that Garaudy was a poisonous anti-Zionist who in 1996 published a book – accessible in English, in its entirety,here – the centerpiece of which was an elaborate, mad argument that the Final Solution was a lie.

excerpt from

Roger Garaudy: Veteran of the Resistance who later became a Holocaust denier

Article title from the ‘Independent

His 1996 book The Founding Myths of Israeli Politics denied that the killing of Jews by the Nazis constituted genocide.

BBC article

Now, the discrepancies here are one thing on the other hand we have his book which states that there was only 3.5 million Jews living in Europe of the holocaust. You do the math.

In a time when the banner of ‘free speech’ is being waved in PARTICULAR at the Muslim World we have a a case of a French intellectual going through the criminal system for voicing an opinion. The HYPOCRISY is too evident and for all to see. 

No longer will we accept these double standards, either it is free speech for all or free speech for none but the age in which doublespeak is a viable politics is long gone



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