The Plight of the People of Tihama, Yemen

This is an article written by a Yemeni:

Tihama – True Yemen

Tihama. What is Tihama? It is that part of the Arabian Peninsula that faces the Red Sea. There are two parts of Tihama – Tihama Yemen and Tihama Hejaz. What concerns us is the well-known Tihama Yemen, whose capital is Hodeida.

Today there are unity celebrations taking place in the purest part of Yemen, namely,Tihama, the land of the original Yemenis. Yes. It is the land that was called Yumnaat in the past. It is the land that the Prophet (SAWS) said his well-known hadith about when the delegation of the Ash’ari tribe came from Zabid. The Prophet (SAWS) said, “Faith is Yemeni, wisdom is Yemeni – the people of Yemen have come. They are the most soft-hearted people, the most compassionate people.” Yes. Tihama. Whoever lives in Hodeida and Tihama sees another picture of Yemen. The people of Tihama are completely different from the people of San’aa. They are extremely nice, well-mannered, good-natured people. The hadith of the prophet (saws) meant them. Yes. You will not hear a bad sound or bad speech in the markets. These are the people of Hodeida. These are the true, original Yemenis.

Some people think that the people of Tihama are Akhdam. This isn’t so. They are the dark-skinned Yemenis and as a result of Tihama and Hodeida being coastal lands they have accepted many peoples including the Akhdam (click here to read about the Akhdam), who used to live happily on the land. Tihama…which has taken in many of the people of Hadramout and Aden. This is Tihama. But what’s the benefit of all of this when Tihama and its good, original people have had everything taken away from them even the hadith of the Prophet (saws) – the descendants of the Persians, the Ziyoud, have taken it and made it apply to them when in reality it was talking about the people of Tihama and Zabid. The Ziyoud have even taken the land of the original people of Tihama and the people of Tihama – the true, original Yemenis – now live in huts and shanty towns and they live the lowest and most miserable lives only because they have soft hearts. The descendants of the Persians have wronged them with a proverb that says, “People of Tihama are animals.” They don’t know that Yemen in the past was Tihama. The true land of Yumnaat. They don’t know that Abu Musa Al Ash’ari was from Zabid, Tihama and that most religious knowledge and religious people are from Tihama. The president has come and looked on in pleasure at the oppression and poverty that has fallen on the people of Tihama. Wouldn’t it have been better for him to start some projects for this good land? Yes. The people of Tihama receive the minimum degree of rights as if they have come from Mars. In fact, they are treated like animals. They have no rights whatsoever. The rights of the people of Tihama have been stolen. For how long will Tihama remain in poverty?

Whoever goes to Tihama will see that the respectable jobs and positions are held by the Ziyoud (descendants of Persians) and that they (the Ziyoud) possess everything. If it weren’t for the kind-heartedness of the merchants from Hadramout and the Southern Yemenis and their helping the people of Tihama, the people of Tihama would die in their land from poverty and starvation. Yes. The sons of Hodeida have become workers in their own land for the Zidis (Persians). Why? Answer me! And save the people of Tihama.