UK media ignore underlying cause of anti-Islam film protests


The British mainstream media have turned a blind eye to the root cause of Tuesday’s attack on the US consulate in the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi, in a bid to divert the public’s attentions to the consequences of the clashes, which broke out after a group of people held a demonstration to protest against an anti-Islam movie produced by an Israeli-American man in the US.

The state-run broadcaster BBC along with Telegraph, Guardian and Independent all covered the news with titles regarding the killing of US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three staff members of the consulate in Libya’s second largest city, but apparently the media fell short of explaining thoroughly why the outrage grew across the Muslim world.

In addition to the BBC, which uses noun phrases such as “militiamen” and “a militia known as the Ansar al-Sharia brigade”, the Guardian describes Libyan demonstrators as “members of the hardline Islamist group Ansar Al-Sharia”, “hardline jihadists” and “a group of extremists” in order to portray the US as a victim of the storm to its consulate.

Furthermore, seeking to draw attention to the American causalities, the media headlines on September 12, which respectively belong to the BBC, Guardian, Telegraph and Independent, ranged from “US official dies in Libya consulate attack in Benghazi” and “Chris Stevens, US ambassador to Libya, killed in Benghazi attack” to “US Ambassador to Libya killed – September 12 as it happened” and “American killed as US consulates stormed over ‘Mohamed film”.

Meanwhile, the British media are currently applying the same trend in covering new wave of protests in countries such as Yemen, seeking to portray the US as a victim of the storms to its diplomatic missions.

The $5-million movie, which was financed by more than 100 Zionists, first sparked protests in Egypt because of its attacks on the Muslim prophet Mohammed (PBUH) after it was translated into Arabic and posted on The video-sharing website YouTube.


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