Iran will drag any war into Israel’s own ground

Al Manar

The Islamic Republic of Iran responded to the Israeli leaks about preparations for hitting the Iranian nuclear facilities within the coming 50 days, warning that “in case of any attack, we will drag the war into the enemies’ own ground”.

Mehr news agency quoted Islamic Revolutionary Guards Deputy Chief, Brigadier General Hossein Salami Ali as saying that the enemies of Iran are aware of its power, and that the Iranian forces will not permit dragging the war into its grounds.

He further stated that the enemies of the Islamic Republic did not spare any effort against Iran in the past 34 years, and noted that “they tried to paralyze the Iranian economy but soon after that they faced an economic crisis.”

“In contrast, our society is accomplishing new advancements without relying on any (foreign) power, and without fearing any threats,” Salami added. The Iranian official pointed to the efforts made to obstruct the NAM Summit in Tehran, and revealed that short warning letters were sent to the countries participating in the summit.

Maariv had earlier published information it said were “dangerous” and “confidential” about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s preparation for hitting the Iranian nuclear sites within 50 days.

The Zionist paper quoted Israeli Minister Tzachi Hanegbi as saying that “the next 50 days will be crucial to our fate.”


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