Jews You Don’t See Demonstrating AGAINST Israel & Brutally Beaten


We’re not allowed to steal. We’re not allowed to kill. So all that is being done to the Palestinian people is forbidden by the Torah.

We also want the people of Palestine to know, and the people who are in Lebanon and wherever they’re suffering because of this Zionist entity called the “State of Israel,” that there is Jewish people who stand up since day one, since the State of Israel came to being and even prior to that when they started making their attempts for a state, the Jewish people stood up and demonstrated and were murdered.

And we kept on demonstrating and we will never stop demonstrating.

Jews have been repeatedly demonstrating against the State of Israel and the mainstream media has been repeatedly suppressing their demonstrations.

Most Americans are not seeing these Jews demonstrating against Israel, because media isn’t showing most Americans the demonstrations.

It is amazing that they can hold large demonstrations in major cities like New York, yet the media refuses to give them fair coverage. It’s incredible that journalists are willing to violate journalistic standards in order to protect the Zionist agenda.

Here, I’ll show you pictures of demonstrations of Jewish people demonstrating. You can see tens of thousands of people. This picture is, for instance, in front of the White House. And this is on going, there’s always these demonstrations, tens of thousands of people. This happens throughout the world wherever there’s a large Jewish community. In the center of Jerusalem, in the center of Al-Quds, tens and tens of thousands of people, maybe hundreds of thousands, demonstrating against the existence of the state of Israel.

This is all over the world. It happens in London, it happens — this is in Manhattan and throughout the world. Just to show that although the Zionists try to portray to the world that the Jews are supporting them, the truth is that the ones that are true to the Torah, invariably the more religious around the world, have stood since Zionism came about until today, stand in total opposition to the existence of the state and to the crimes that they perpetrate against the people.

The Media also keeps most Americans in the dark about the fact that Zionist Jews brutalize good Jews who dare protest against Israel.

It’s clear why the powers that be don’t want you to see anti-Zionist Jews: Because they’re too revealing, what they say exposes Zionism for what it is.

The extreme suppression of Jews who protest against Israel is another example of mainstream media’s manipulation of the American people. Click here to see what Rabbi Weiss has to say about the demonstrations and how Zionist Jews physically attack them.

And I know personally, where I was trying to get the word out about why we were attacked on 9/11, the main motive. I was trying to get the word out — I actually didn’t carry around a sign that said the word “Israel” by name. That shows you the intimidation at work in our society. And look, just having this sign and getting into a conversation with three individuals that referred to themselves as “we” when they were talking about Israel. And then the conversation ends with one of them lighting a book of matches and throwing it at my face. But I want you to listen to what Rabbi Weiss says. One of the other Rabbis, a Zionist Jew threw acid in his face.

I really want you to watch Rabbi Wiess’s video, that’s why I am linking directly to it. You can also subscribe to his organization’s youtube channel. Click here to go right to point where he talks about how the media doesn’t give them the coverage that they should. He shows pictures of Jews being brutalized at the hands of Zionist Jews. Rabbi Weiss’s Video:

Zionist Attacks, Threats and Intimidation PLAYLIST:


Disturbing images of violence and intimidation

“These photos demonstrate the lengths to which the Zionist regime will go to persecute Jews opposed to Zionism. These reflect only a number of the many instances in which loyal anti-Zionist Jews are subject to relentless oppression if they speak up against the actions of the Zionist State. Recently a number of anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews have been sent to jail for refusal to submit to Zionist intimidation and coercion. These photos also give a sense of why many Jews who oppose Zionism are subject to intimidation to the extent that many are reluctant to demonstrate their opposition to Zionism publicly.”



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