Ancient ‘Founding’ Of The Big 3 Religions Star map Unveiled

Mario A.
Setyoufree News

If you watched the movie Prometheus and suddenly start to wonder if a star map or a similar map that Charlie Holloway (Logan Marshall-Green) presented in the movie really exist, wonder no more.

Even though the map which Holloway presented is clearly a Hollywood made map, the fact is the similar star map that was shared among many ancient civilizations really does exist.

A fake fictionalised star map from the cave of Lascaux presented in the movie Prometheus

The Prometheus movie writer duplicated the identical real history plot published in 2002 by Wayne Herschel, as well as its connections to human origins BUT in an obvious ploy to hide the truth, they twist the story using other stars and a typical “evil alien” agenda.

“Ancient star map discovery shocks scholars… historians decline to comment”… “A message encoded in all pyramid layouts worldwide reveal the unthinkable”… Astronomers say the star maps seem “quite convincing.

Symbologist and author of the book The Hidden Records Wayne Hershel discovered already years ago the connection between us, the ancient civilizations and the Pleiades star system.

So far he discovered 35 ancient alien star maps around the world explaining human origins which has now been claimed as Hollywood fiction.


A real star map presented by Wayne Hershel

These are only few star maps which prove Wayne Hershel´s star map theory



You can find many ancient civilizations who shared the map with the same pattern and connections on his website The Hidden Records, but what I would like to present and expose to you in this article is the latest remarkable finding by Hungarian researcher Márton Molnár-Göb which basically just confirms once more the fact about this real star map.

This map presented below definitely belongs to one of the most controversial maps ever discovered.

The fresco you can see below shows the biblical/Hebrew/Islamic character of Abraham which is from the 3rd-century synagogue, now at the National Museum of Damascus, Syria.

The founding connects all 3 lineages of Christianity, Islam and Judaism. It has the very same star pattern with that has been found in virtually all ancient civilizations.

Ancient Pre Christian star map from the Dura Europos ruins in Syria


Fresco of Abraham from the 3rd-century synagogue, now at the National Museum of Damascus



So, if we look closely what do we find on this fresco? We can see a black doorway from the solar star, an opening portal (a.k.a. Stargate) and a founding lineage of Abraham under a beam of light.

Among all this discoveries pay also close attention to the upper right corner where you can see the 7 stars of Pleiades. And these stars are also seen on the Freemason document below.





All share icons of the star map
  1. Christianity has the Orion Cross way shower to the Bethlehem star
  2. Islam has the star with its crescent world
  3. Judaism has the Menorah as the seven celestial lights of the Pleiades showing the way to the star of David


An old ‘Secret Society’ Bible repeats the star map

And to confirm the cover-up once more look at the picture below which is taken from the Bible.

Márton Molnár-Göb recently found this image in one of the first editions of the Bible.

He recognized Wayne Hershel´s star map theory, a hidden geometry from cross and St Peter keys forming “As above so below” merging triangles and lamb of Christ’s cross alignment too.

The information provided in the article is ment for you, the readers, to come to your own conclusion and not ment to convince anyone about anything. But one thing is certain. Once you start to connect all the dots, you´ll find out that Wayne Hershel´s founding is really remarkable and quite possible a proof of a massive cover-up on a global scale.




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