The China “assault” on Africa

With the ongoing African visit by her lowliness Hilary Clinton and the recent comments in Ghana of how Africa should “beware” of Chinese investment, one is left “flabbaghsted” *don’t jelaous me voice* at the cheek of such a statement.

The sheer audacity coming to a sovereign nation and Instructing a whole continent to “beware” of Chinese Investment may leave many brothers and sisters perplexed.

You would think that behind such a statement some substance would appear, a better deal perhaps and yet Somalian families are still left grieving over dead family members everyday with the ongoing drone attacks. Uganda is infecting with the child of the anti-christ (US marine “advisors”), Libya lies in ruin and full blown southern style racism is the norm. This as a direct result if the “son of africa” sanctioning intervention for his country. It doesn’t end there, we have again as a direct result of the assassination of Muammar Gaddafi the locust swarms building on the borders of Mali and neighboring nations ready to destroy whole crops.

With all of Amerikkka’s intelligence do you expect me to believe that this was an “unintended consequence”? The answer is an emphatic NO. That’s not to say it was a concerted effort on the part of the Empire but it is to say they couldn’t care less. Since when do they? The rwandian genocide? The Congo war which claimed over 5.4millions lives? Or is it from when another nation seeks to work hand in hand with Africa rather than a velvet glove and dagger?

Fact is Amerikkka is scared of China muscling in on Africa. They have not bled it dry enough yet. China are only interested in Africa for its natural resources is the jist of the comments made in Ghana and Senegal and frankly its laughable.

“Partnership that adds value rather than extracts it” were the words used to describe Amerikkka’s appoach in contrast to China’s. The irony being that this the opposite is occurring every single day in Congo as American companies extract precious minerals for these new gadgets. 80% of all known Colbalt which when refined to tantalum becomes a vital component of PC’s, mobile phones and personal handhelds is found in Congo. China have pledged $9bn which translates into 2,400 miles of road, 2,000 miles of railroad, 145 helth clinics,32 hospitals, two universities and two hydroelectric dams. Whas amerikkka doing can you please remind me?

“Mutual benefit” as proposed by China isn’t without its flaws, however personally resources for infrastructure to a continent which yearns it after decades of resources for money which is then mismanaged is a refreshing approach. This way the resources of a nation will be enjoyed by its owners the people and not an elite handpicked by the West. Nigeria is still trying to claim back the hundreds of millions hidden away in swiss banks by a certain Abache.

The fake concerns of “human rights abuses” by China or “no strings policy” of investment is again laughable. Is it not Amerikkka which allowed and par took in the assassination of Patrice lumumba then have unlimited wealth to his despot successor? Is it not Amerikkka who ripped down Thomas Sankara’s reforms and gave unlimited wealth to his dictator successor…

Why the worry and concern now?
In the words of a certain bush Fool me once jokes on you, fool me twice jokes on me


2 thoughts on “The China “assault” on Africa

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