Myanmar/Burmese Muslims’s plight

Okay so as many of us are aware there is a systematic genocide occurring to the rohingya people. I will not delve into the atrocities committed as it is well documented elsewhere, however I will speak on the hypocrisy shown by many “humanitarians” in which they scream that the dictator bashar al assad should go because of the wide scale murders committed by his troops and yet they timidly whisper foul play when it comes to Burma/Myanmar. A life is a life in my books and if a murder cause a gov’t to be illegitimate then the MOST illegitimate governments ironically become the nations calling for Bashar to step down.
So the question arises why? Why do these Arab and “Islamic” nations continually support the “revolution” and call for the demise of the regime? Why has “Al Qaeda” called for a “jihad” in Syria, causing fighters from all nations to participate in the systematic destruction of a nation to which they pledge no allegiance?

Is it to do with the thousands killed and maimed and tortured by the regime? Is it to do with the thousands of refugees thrown out of their homes? Perhaps but last time I checked Syria was still occupied by the zionist regime in the Golan Heights. Why no call for “jihad” there?. Palestine is being brutalized, murdered and evicted from their homes on a daily basis why no “jihad” there?

The rohingya people are being systematically wiped out and I have yet to hear a gulf nation speak out against their plight. They are Muslims too so it should not matter that they are not Arab. In fact it should be enough that they are HUMAN BEINGS and yet no-one is arming them for the overthrow of the gov’t, is it something to do with the fact that Burma/Myanmar started making concessions very recently in favour of Amerikkkan companies?…..

The conclusion I have come to is that it has NOTHING to do with “humanitarianism” and everything to do with Geo-strategic policy. It is a shame that the plight of the Syrian masses has been hijacked by those who wish to perpetuate a bigger blow if they come to power.

Colonial powers have had a change of heart all of a sudden and are now looking out for Syria.. Smh… It is a Delusional belief and one that requires constant bombardment of propaganda to maintain.
If the West really cared they would report on allies commuting just as they show their enemies. But the fact is they don’t and as such the credibility crumbles.

To wrap up, if in this age of internet and independent reporting we still turn to BBC (British gov’t) Al Jazeera (Qatar Royal family) and Al Arabiya (Saudi royal family) and expect to see unbiased news coverage then we are either gullible or delusional. It is on each and every one of to find out what is going on for ourselves and leave the propaganda to the nationalists. For as George Orwell said…

Journalism is printing what someone else doesn’t want printed, everything else is public relations


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